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Christiaan Barnard Interior

Excellence in interior design

I provide a comprehensive design service covering all aspects of interior space and furnishings. During projects I maintain extensive interaction with architects, engineers and project managers to ensure control of the full buying cycle, and I oversee the budget to the point of project handover, giving you peace of mind.
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Christiaan Barnard

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I started working and showcasing Christiaan's work in the mid nineties when I was editor of House and Leisure magazine. Christiaan has mastered the French Style of decorating and then moved on to establish his own international style that can live anywhere in the world.

His work is recognised by simple clean lines and the use of exceptional fabrics always understated and in good taste.

He has an exceptional understanding of art and how to incorporate it successfully in interiors. Since 2001, when I became editor of VISI magazine, I have shown Christiaan's work many times and always to high acclaim and appreciation of our readers. Christiaan keeps up with international decor trends and incorporates it in his work whenever he can. He has the rare gift of mixing old and new in a way that always works and feels comfortable.

Sumien Brink

Editor in chief of VISI

has a truly
refined eye"

I recommend him as a designer, without reservation.

Not only is he excellent at what he does (as evinced by his client list), but he is one of the most pleasant individuals i have had the pleasure of working with. Collaborative, yet clear about what he's aiming to achieve. And delightfully creative in the way he achieves his aims.

Susan Perry

The Modern Home Company

"Working with
is a true
pleasure; he
holds a rare
quality both
as a person
and as a

When Christiaan first approached us to work with him on a project for La Motte in 2010, we were thrilled to be working with such an esteemed decorator, as well as the chance to show off our hand-crafted furniture designs and cabinetry craft through such a renowned client.

Over the years we have formed a very close relationship with Christiaan, collaborating on various projects. His ideas and designs have pushed us to create some of our most phenomenal and complex pieces of furniture to date. He pushes us to the very edge of our limits, and every time we are staggered by his vision.

Christiaan's talent is evident throughout his work. His d├ęcor and styling promotes our craftsmanship rather than dominate it, a testament to his gift as a decorator. His eye for taste is never off the mark and we are continuously pleased with how he incorporates and represents our work.

Pierre Cronje

Furniture designer

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Contact details

+ 27 (0)73 819 3453